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AC domestic/transborder winter schedule

AC has just released its winter 2011/2012 schedules.

Bit of a yawn actually.

No major changes other than the already known losses of YXU and SFO.

Because of those losses, YYC will have fewer than 40 daily mainline flights (including int'l). First time I have seen that since winter 2006.

YXE is the only other route with any signficant change. Down 1 daily rotation to 6 instead of 7 (lower on weekends of course).

Other mentionable items:

YCG losing its weekend service (so 5 weekly). First time I have ever seen that.

More E90 flying throughout Western Canada.

All other routes are status quo except the odd weekly frequency tweek up or down.

Overall net loss to YYC is 17 fewer frequencies per week compared to last winter for the Air Canada Group.