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East Los Angeles noir

On July 20, 1946, the body of a pretty young mother named Angelina Loya was found in a vacant lot at 1026 E. Olympic Blvd. She had been severely beaten, stabbed and disembowled. Angelina had been out that night, with friends, dancing at the Avodon Ballroom.

Her friends testified that Angelina had left the club with a young man named Peter Hernandez, who had volunteered to escort her home.

Angelina Loya

Police questioned Peter Hernandez who told them that he had started walking her home but when he stapped to talk to someone who had called his name, she disappeared. The police didn't buy it. Further investigation showed showed blood residue on his hands and clothes. They also found a necktie with blood spots soaking in solvent at his home.

Turns out Peter was a butcher by trade (and in other ways obviously).

Peter Jesus Hernandez

Peter was eventually charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison. For details on the murder and investigation, see the attached.


all photos credit LA Herald Examiner Archives/LAPL
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