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for reasons i don't really understand, i have become absolutely fascinated with the old wooden truss footbridge that used to span the cornfield train yards.

here is a link to a great article giving the history of the cornfield yard.

Terry guy, who has amazing train related images on flickr, has an image looking South from the Broadway Bridge across the cornfield train yards, probably taken around 1992 or so, (at least that's what it appears due to the buildings that have been erected downtown), you can see the remains of the footbridge on the right side of the photograph.

Source: Terry Guy's Flickr photostream

it is really a shame, that the footbridge was not preserved and restored as part of the State Park. below are three different images from birdseye maps of los angeles, 1891, 1894, and 1909, centered on the cornfield yards, clearly showing the footbridge.

1891 looking north east across the corn field yard

1894 looking north west across the corn field yard

1909 looking north west across the corn field yard

tenacious nothing, i'm bordering on obsessed!
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