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Originally Posted by Los Angeles Past View Post
Got this 1934 Bekins map from eBay just this past Friday.

Bekins Van & Storage Co., from my personal collection.

Personally, my favorite aspect of this view is seeing the Bank Of Italy (International Savings & Exchange Bank) Building and its close proximity to the north entrance of City Hall. I always knew they were next-door neighbors, but I never realized before now just HOW close the two buildings were to each other. ^^

Below: Here is an interesting photo of the Bank of Italy Building that I don't remember seeing before.
I'm guessing it was taken from City Hall. There was no date indicated.

Next to the Bank of Italy building is the old Los Angeles Post Office.

usc digital archive

below: These two photos have been posted (back in 2009) but they're so damn interesting I thought I'd go ahead and post them again. You can see the Bank of Italy building in the lower right.



below: This aerial clearly shows the proximity of the Bank of Italy building to City Hall.



Scott, your 1935 Bekins map of L. A. sounds great. I recently bought a 1946 Bank of America street map of Los Angeles.
It's such a treat to see the city without all the freeways.

below: Here's my new map!

my collection

sidenote: If I remember correctly Bank of America originated as the Bank of Italy. (I'll have to googled it)

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