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Everything you always wanted to know about the Martz Flats! July 1, 1965:

Criminy, gsj, those California Index articles from over at the LAPL are incredible... because I can't let anything rest, one more word or two on the Martz Flats. The Times is great, but isn't always entirely accurate in the names, dates and addresses department. So I did a little more digging and was presented with this interesting passage from the USC MA thesis of one John Leonard Connolly, 1962, involving a survey of 19th-cent. LA, wherein he writes:

Martz Flats, southeast corner of Seventh and Flower Streets. In the midst of tall buildings, hurrying crowds, rushing traffic, this reminder of the gentility of a more leisurely day stands apart, literally as well as stylistically, for here the sidewalk deepens to meet the facade. Two grass plots have been preserved. Its facade a design of Regency inspiration, maintained by the delicate details included in the formula for Classic Revival, it has a series of recessed balconies, Palladian windows, and shallow pediments supported by pilasters. The cornice and panels, as well as the pediments at the roof line, are adorned with delicately moulded staff work. It was built by Henry Martz in 1898, with Julius W. Krause as architect.

Connolly bases this info on a 1940 interview with Krause. So '98 might be the right date. We remember Krause as the architect of the Pound Cake sandstone courthouse, of course!
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