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Good Samaritan curb: Original?

Hello, I am new to posting to this forum, so please bear with me!
I started on page 68 (came from an outside link) and am only through to 120. My brain is starting to ache, but it's a LEARNING ache- which is good.

I am rewinding to an old post that grabbed my attention:

Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
I've found an interesting urban artifact from Orange Street--apparently an original piece leftover from the ca. 1892 Shatto house on the nw corner of Orange/Wilshire and Lucas, where Good Samaritan now stands:


Google Street View

Google Street View

Note the slightly raised block on the curb, between the pole at left and the hydrant--could this possibly be the detail in the corresponding place in the b&w shot? Can the original curbs still be in place, folded into the modern paving? I think I might be tipping into obsession here....
Yesterday I stopped by that curb on my way home and grabbed a few shots:

I don't know if these help much, but it looks to me like that tiny segment of curb does *not* match the surrounding curb. Its height, sharp corner, and draft angle seem to imply that the rest of the curb may have been replaced but that part is likely older.

PS: I do spend my time between Koreatown and a loft on Spring. If I am available, I hereby volunteer to get clarification shots like this if necessary in the future. (Within reason, of course.)
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