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I love gas holders, AKA gasometers. Here is a site that describes these curious structures, once ubiquitous in American cities.

In the TTP pic we're looking south on Ducummon across Vignes; I've never seen Best Years of Our Lives so I can't say. There were big tanks the other side of Aliso at Howard, and above Keller. Also scattered throughout the city (7th & Alameda, Hollywood, etc.)

But the ones behind Union Station are my faves. I never got to see them in person, that I can recall; I think they disappeared in the mid-70s.


They are discussed in some detail here and here
-- in short, the Big Three down by the river date to 1906, 1912, 1906 was felled and replaced in 1922, and 1925. Here's some more stuff about our gas holders in general:

The first LA Gas & Electric plant was opposite the Pico House and ran between 1867 and '69.

June 27, 1906:

March 3, 1912:

American Gas Journal, April 16, 1921.
P. 349 (googlebooks):

Jan 18, 1923:

Feb 11, 1923:

May 13, 1925:

Sept 14, 1930:

Anyone out there with memories or images of the gas holders, please drop 'em by here. Oh, and here's something I penned for a local mag a short while back (I know this is an image-driven forum, but I thought it germane to the gassy topic).

...seems likely I'll buy and build one of these.
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