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Los Angeles Times


gs: You know it pains me to contradict a master, but I believe that only the exterior of 641 S. Irving was used as "10086 Sunset Boulevard" and that most, if not all, interiors were studio sets. Somewhere I've seen pics and descriptions comparing the front hall, for instance.

In this still from SB you can see the studio ceiling:

In that same place I saw a reference to the actual interiors being used in another Paramount release of 1950, Fancy Pants with Bob Hope and Lucille Ball. The IMDB refers to "641 N. Irving" as a filming location (they mean, of course, S. Irving). Here are a couple of screenshots of that film--I can see some of Norma's mansion in them--perhaps even a lamp or two, and maybe even a corner of "that enormous oil painting that had been presented to her by some Nevada Chamber of Commerce." I am of the mind that these interiors were a reuse of sets for Sunset Blvd. rather than scenes actually shot at 641 S. Irving. Studio sets or actual location shots--either way, it seems that Paramount piggybacked the shooting of Fancy Pants onto SB's schedule:

Three shots above: Paramount Pictures

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