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Finally downloaded MP and've watched I & II; III is coming through the ol' bittorrent now. Thought the first installment a bit slow and was glad it picked up when Monte showed.

But as this forum is about architecture, and since I'm a picky disrespect to the designers, whom I admire greatly, but I have to share a couple things I got a chuckle outta:

Manhattan, looking up...Broadway. So, I'm not trying to be bitchy, but come on. The Rialto marquee is at least five, probably ten years past 1931 and while I can't normally expect the production crew to know that, the Tower blade is outrageously sixties. Moreover, the Rialto marquee would have been advertising movies, not discount fashion as it has in its recent incarnation as a crap-o-mart.

A 1928 then/now:

And then there's the alley by MP's restaurant gig in Hollywood,

which is a redressed street in Peerskill, NY (HBO has a bit about it here) with the mountains CGI'd in, the Broadway Hollywood neon in the bg, so, let's say we're on Selma west of Vine. We'd be looking right up at the reservoir (which, if I'm not mistaken, in 1931 would've had half a pile of dirt backfilled upon't). There are apparently no other buildings on Hollywood Blvd, except at far left, where the Title Guarantee has migrated from Fifth and Hill! Must be one of those earthquake things.


Let's see what Act III has to offer...
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