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'Noirish' photographs of L.A. jazz clubs I found on ebay.

below: The Haig at 638 S. Kenmore (located in an old house).


I then googled 'The Haig' and found several interesting photos.

detail of a photograph by William Claxton


Even though the 'Haig' sign says DINNERS it did not have a working kitchen....but by law the club had to serve food.
When a customer ordered a sandwich, the waiter stalled the customer while someone ran down the street to the Brown Derby for take-out.

below: The Harbor Inn.


I noticed the sign at the Harbor Inn advertising Shelly Manne.
below: Shelly Manne opened a legendary jazz club called 'Shelly's Manne-Hole' on Cahuenga between Sunset and Hollywood Blvd.

And NO....'Shelly's Manne-Hole' was not a gay bar. :wink:

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