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1143 Corvallis Street, found

"We lived on Corvallis Street, where all the houses looked alike. Ours was number 1143...."

Google Street View
Warner Bros.
1143 N. Jackson St., Glendale, 2011 and 1945

Mildred's palm has really grown tall...
Google Street View

Warner Bros.
I assume that this is a set, and not the actual Glendale house

A little 1945 Mildred Pierce trivia:

Bruce Bennett, who played Bert Pierce in the 1945 version, was originally named Herman
Brix. He won a silver medal for the shot put in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. Which
explains his role (as Brix) in 1935's The New Adventures of Tarzan:

Getty Images
Makes you wonder why they didn't name him "Brix Bennett". (Henry Willson wouldn't
have missed that chance.)

During his marriage to Joan Crawford, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. got Brix a screen test. Brix
was 6'3", died in 2007 at nearly 101 years old, and had two children by the names of...
Christina and Christopher. Ring any bells?

How will it stack up?
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