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I have to agree. But it's an interesting question, and since we're all interesting folk...I'm asking the panel to address it. Let's say you had a time machine (apart from the one that is this thread; a real one, with blinky lights on it and stuff) and you could pop back to Old LA for, say, a weekend. Would you prowl around January 1947, looking for Elizabeth Short? Would you stand about and watch the 1880s construction of Bunker Hill? Personally, I find the Sunday evening of 15 December 1935 mightily attractive, so I might peep into Thelma Todd's garage. Plus mid-30s LA...too early for me to go to Coulter's on Wilshire (at least I could run around the Richfield for a while) but that's the sacrifice to be made for solving Todd's death.

So. You?
First off, I'm too much of a coward to venture near Thelma Todd's garage on the night in question. But the the unsolved murders got me to thinking of the unsolved murder of actor David Bacon which contains some noirish qualities. Name doesn't sound familiar? How about the Masked Marvel? David Bacon played the Masked Marvel in the 1943 serial. You can read about his murder here The link to more details doesn't work but I believe it mentioned he lived at 8444 Magnolia Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

It turns out that years later that address figured in a minor Hollywood scandal involving acress Madge Meredith, more noir goings on.

After clicking the link to Magnolia Drive on Google Maps, I think I'm also too much of a coward to visit there now. And I've been to the Spahn Ranch!

As to the original question, put me down for one of the parties at Errol Flynn's place!
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