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The Cumnock School of Expression




Vanished Los Angeles: I'd never heard of The Cumnock School of Expression before. It was a private school for women (later coed) established in 1894 by Addie Murphy Grigg, a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Oratory. (For many years Mrs. Grigg was first assistant to the NU School of Oratory's director, Dr. Robert McLean Cumnock, for whom her school was named.) In April 1902, the Cumnock School moved to a new building at 1500 S. Figueroa (now a parking lot), which Mrs. Grigg had modeled after the famous Shakespeare House at Stratford-upon-Avon. In 1904, Mrs. Kate Tupper Galpin established a second department of the institution, a preparatory school known as the Cumnock Academy. In 1916, the school moved to Vermont Avenue, and then to 5353 W. 3rd in the '20s:

Google Street View
Well, almost vanished: After Cumnock closed, it was occupied by the Art Center School--which became the
Art Center College of Design--in 1947. Cumnock's last building is now part of the Yavneh Hebrew Academy

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