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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Wow, Scandia! My parents always went there for their anniversary. When I turned high school-aged, they would take me along, as well. Scandia's gravlaks with dill sauce was probably my favorite dish ever! That thin-sliced salmon just melted in ones mouth...

Also, the only "movie star" I ever saw in person was at Scandia: Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker) and his family came in for dinner one night when we were there. "All In The Family" was still on TV in those days and one of my favorite shows, so that was quite a thrill.

Last time I was in L.A., I drove down that stretch of Sunset and was disappointed to see Scandia was no more. Is that a recent thing, or has it been gone awhile? (I moved away almost 30 years ago.)


EDIT: I've been struggling all day to remember the name of the entree I always ordered at Scandia, and it finally came to me: Kalvefilet Oskar! It was tender veal scallops in a delectable brown sauce with grilled onions. Another melt-in-your-mouth taste treat! Only thing I didn't like about Scandia was that dinner for a family of 3 could cost almost $100, but because of the relatively small portions, you could still leave the restaurant hungry. I wasn't paying the bill, though, so I could hardly complain.

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