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Sometimes bigger is better. The detail, the detail!


Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
every once in awhile, a noirish los angeles thread needs some noirish images!

Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray on the set of Double Indemnity (1944, dir. Billy Wilder)

Source: Old Hollywood

I've always been curious as to why Fred, playing the single BSD insurance man, wore a wedding ring in
Double Indemnity. I'm sure it has been noted here before, but MacMurray once famously owned The Bryson
(from 1944 into the '70s). Of course, The Bryson itself starred in a number of noirs and "neonoirs", including
Lady in the Lake and The Grifters. (I've got to watch that again, for the Bryson's role and for Annette
Bening's memorable scene in the store.)

At one time The Bryson had its own garage, at 623 N. Rampart (now gone):


And finally, a lovely color shot with The Bryson in the distance:

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