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Before the Wilshire Grand, the Statler-Hilton, the Statler, before Hoffman Studebaker... I've discovered that there was Harold Arnold. Mr. Arnold built the Arnold Building at Figueroa and 7th, selling Hudson and the Hudson's cheaper companion, the Essex, as well as, at some point, Lincoln. Paul Hoffman later took the building over to sell Studes....

The Arnold Building, ca. 1922
LAPL http://

As Hoffman Studebaker, now much be-signed, a picture we've seen before

According to the LAPL, whose photo captions I try not to let test my patience, the Arnold/Hoffman building "served
as the framework for the Statler Hotel in 1951." Surely they don't mean literally.... I'm sure we've seen this lot in prior
pics here cleared of all traces of the car dealership....
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