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721 East 6th Street

Gotta love the La Jolla:

Google Street View

Google Street View

And, if the building and its sign aren't wonderful enough, it has online reviews that put the Hotel Bel-Air and its ilk to shame:

"Best Hotel stay imaginable. The hotel staff treats you like your in a five star resort. They doded on us from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. The valet parking staff were also amazing and ever so nice."

Oh, how I love being "doded" on.

"Really nice hotel, decent location. The staff is courteous, helpful and unpretentious. The decor is nice and the rooms cleanly with parking facilities."

Generally I find online hotel reviews to be dubious, to say the least. But I'm inclined the believe "unpretentious" here. And if I sound a little too snotty--I'm actually seriously intrigued by this place (if not enough to trust my rented Hyundai to its valet parking attendants or my hair to its pillows....

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