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Originally Posted by Los Angeles Past View Post

My mother attended Los Angeles's famed business school Woodbury College from 1934-1936. When I was growing up, she always used to point to the campus at 1027 Wilshire Boulevard (above) as the place she went to school, but I now know that building didn't open until 1937, the year after she graduated. So I'm now wondering – where was Woodbury actually located when my mom went there? Unfortunately, she's no longer around for me to ask...

Thanks to anyone who can help!


Scott-- It seems that Woodbury had a number of downtown locations--beginning with one near the Plaza, according to this:

Per, the college was at 727 S. Figueroa from 1924 to 1937, so that must be the campus your mother attended. On the 1931 downtown map we've seen here, a "Woodbury Building" is indicated at the SW corner of Fig & 7th, but I haven't seen any pics of it yet. Other addresses for Woodbury in city directories are the Hamburger Bldg., 320 W. 8th (1909) and the Union Bank Bldg., 325 W. 8th (1915 & 1923).

Per city directories, and the pics below, Woodbury was at one time on the west side of Spring between 2nd and 3rd, some time before 1909:

Some interesting shots of the new campus on Wilshire:


USC Digital Library

New name; photo dated by LAPL as 1978

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