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Originally Posted by sammyg View Post
aside from the atrocious use of punctuation and caps, all you're saying is that your hypothetical rider should pay less than someone taking the bus, despite the fact that they're taking the same exact train they've been taking for 40+ years. How does adding another layer of bureaucracy help?
I lived for years at 7761 South Shore Drive, and worked near Loyola U. on Devon Ave. Since using the Metra South Chicago Branch 2 blocks away cost about $2.00 to get Downtown, and then I'd have to pay another about $2.00 CTA fare to get on the Howard 'L' to Rogers Park ($4.00 for the total trip) - I never used Metra.

MANY times I had to wait (in 10 degree weather) sometimes 45 minutes for a Westbound 79th St. bus to the Red Line at State St. (a 30 minute trip) - now I've spent 1 hour and 15 minutes, and I have NOT moved ONE FOOT toward downtown.

Then give the Red Line train about 45 minutes (or more) to get from 79th St. to the Loyola 'L' Station.

So now it's taken me approx. 2 HOURS to get to work, but I only had to pay about $2.00.

With the Gray Line trains coming every 10 minutes I could be downtown at Randolph & Michigan within 40 minutes, and then a 2 short block (FREE) walking transfer to the Red Line Lake Station for a 25 minute 'L' trip to Loyola (instead of STILL WAITING there 45 minutes later on the corner of 79th & South Shore Drive - or being on Bus #3 of a Bus Bunch somewhere along E. 79th St.)

A 1 hour 5 minute work trip would seem better than a 2 hour work trip (for the same $2.00 price) - but I guess that's just me.
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