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Originally Posted by Vincent_G View Post
I've been following this topic for quite some time and I've got to say it's fantastic. I haven't spent much time in Los Angeles but I've always liked it since I visited when I was 7 or 8 in the late 40s. It's all changed too much since then, but a lot of these pictures really take me back so thank you to everyone who has posted.

Is it OK if I ask a question? I've found a picture on the internet of a church in Los Angeles that I kind of remember but I can't place. It's a computer image not a photo so I don't know if it's accurate at all but it does looks familiar.

I wonder if anybody here can identify it.

Thank you,


Hello Vincent--welcome to the thread.

That is the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, at 734 S. Hope Street.

It was constructed in the late 1880s as the Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church:


A later remodeling added an auditorium:

It became the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, around 1911. Further remodeling stripped some of the details of the tower in particular, as can be seen in your picture. It was demolished after severe damage as a result of the '71 Sylmar quake. But...there is a remnant. The north wing (at left in your pic, just above) is still a Christian Science Reading Room at 730 S. Hope:

Google Street View

P.S. The ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF building in your pic and in the current Google Street View, at 746 S. Hope, opened in September 1925 as the Auto Center Garage. It is considered by some as the oldest parking garage downtown.
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