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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
Wilshire and Bonnie Brae, 1937. From the USC archive.
Originally Posted by mhdantholz View Post
I simply MUST have that car 2nd from right, license plate 2C 92 41. It is TOO COOL for this planet. And scope out the license plate mounts.

Well, mhdantholz, you need to get yourself down to the corner of Wilshire and Figueroa. Paul Hoffman will have one for you:

The batwing rear window distinguishes the '36 and '37 Studebaker coupes. If Hoffman is out of stock, you might try checking one out at a car show:
Speaking of Studebaker batwing coupes, above is Porky Pig driving past one as he travels
east on Sunset toward Gower in 1940's You Ought to Be in Pictures. The Stude in this picture
has a rumble seat, as does the restored example in the picture below. (Btw, Chappell's Cafe
in Porky's picture was at 6100 Sunset. A Denny's is there now.)

And finally, a great shot north from just south of the Sunset/Gower intersection. What is the Churrigueresque-looking building at the
SE corner, now gone?
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