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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
The Theme Hosiery Building then and now.


Ah, very interesting. I've driven by the Ribét Academy on the 2 Fwy (Glendale Freeway), a freeway I rarely ever use, and one that seems like it never gets fully packed, not that that's a bad thing. So is the school building, I wonder, the same factory building, extremely remodeled, or is the school building a completely different building? I'm going to assume it's the same; the proportions look right.

Seeing this post made me look up the Ribét Academy online. The Academy itself was founded in 1982, and the school has been at that current location since 1992. Before that, from 1960 until its closing in 1991 because of declining enrollment, it was an all-boys Catholic high school called Pater Noster. And then of course, prior to that, it was the Theme Hosiery factory; kind of funny to me that a women's stocking factory would become an all-boys school.

This article actually answers my question of the building being the same building; it is indeed the same. From

When looking at old maps of the Los Angeles area, it's interesting for me to learn that sites I always assumed were there from the start, turn out to have been something else originally. Example, some years ago I saw an old map of Long Beach, and was surprised to learn that where the VA Hospital is now, was once the Long Beach Naval Hospital (interesting to me, because my mother worked at the VA Hospital there, and I'm an alumnus of Cal State Long Beach, which is right next door to the VA Hospital). And, according to the 1943 Renié Atlas I have, what is now the campus of Mt. San Antonio College in the city of Walnut used to be the site of a sanitarium called the Pacific Lodge State Hospital.

Hmm, looking at the Mt SAC website right now, it doesn't mention that it was once the site of a state hospital; on the history link, it says that the site was once part of the 48,000-acre Rancho La Puente, and that during World War II, the "facility" was converted into an Army hospital and then later into a Navy hospital. Hehe.
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