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Hi Scott.

That would have been my guess as well.... but as I look at the photo below it seems the windows are different.

The top of the windows in the Hollenbeck are somewhat arched/curved.
The windows in the reflection (above) are squared off.

usc digital archive

above: FYI: The sliver of the building on the far right is the Bryson Block.
I had forgotten that the Hollenbeck Hotel and the Bryson Block faced each other.

Bryson Block

usc digital archive

above: Here is a photo of the Bryson Block already missing the elaborate gables and turrets on the rooftop.

After comparing the two photos above & below...yes the gables and peaked roof are gone, but it looks as if the Bryson Block added 2 more floors!
Is this correct? ? ? Did I somehow miss the addition of two floors in previous discussions of the Bryson Block?

below: Here is an earlier view of the Bryson block with the rooftop intact. It's hard to believe it's the same building.
Lower left is the Hollenbeck Hotel....which started this whole conversation.....with myself.

usc digital archive

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