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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
Yes it is indeed the carthay circle theater. in the 1978 photo, it is the two squat right of center buildings. the theater was physucally located on the site of the squat building on the right

here's a 1922 image of the same intersection of san vicente and wilshire, (i think this photo may have been posted before)

Source: USC Digital Archives

in this 1923 aerial of the intersection, you can see that McCarthy vista has been laid out, as well as the site of the carthay circle theater

Source: USC Digital Archives

by 1926, the area was beginning to fill in quite a bit. the carthay circle theater has been completed

Source: USC Digital Archives

here's a really nice image looking north/west from the tower of the carthay circle theater in 1929

Source: USC Digital Archives
the 1926 view is the picture i was referring to the northeast of the intersection of wilshire and san vicente, i can see orange street, 6th street, lindenhurst, and maryland drive, a few houses here and there. i wish i could zoom in to get details on which of those early houses, if any, survived until i was living there in the 1960s and 1970s...interesting that the beverly hills water works isn't there yet, but i can still make out gregory way (the short east-west street between wilshire and olympic). and north of farifax, the dark square is the la brea tar pits, and nothing but oil derricks where the parklabrea development will later be. gives me goosebumps...

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