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The history of Chavez Ravine - Part Two.

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Photo date: 1959.
From: Herald Examiner Collection and LAPL.

Eviction notice: A turkey seems to be playing the role of an innocent bystander on April 10, 1959, as Deputy Sheriff Joe Goyencha reads an eviction notice to Mrs. Victoria Augustain on a Chávez Ravine property which is part of the site proposed for the Los Angeles Dodgers' $12,000,000 baseball stadium. The property belongs to Mrs. Augustain's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Arechiga. It consists of three lots at 1761-71 and 1801 Malvina Avenue. "I don't know what we'll do, or where we'll go," sobbed Mrs. Augustain.

Some of them refuse to leave their homes, but some others...

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On May 8, forcible eviction in Chavez Ravine has begun. This next picture speaks for itself:

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In the picture, some residents say good-bye after losing their homes, which have been already torn down by bulldozers. In the foreground, the remaining Chavez Ravine warriors, eventually to become the last families to leave the place, living in tents: Mr Manuel Arechiga and Mrs Avrana Arechiga with her daughter Victoria Angustian and mrs Aurora Vargas. Protest signs can be seen as well.
Photo date, may of 1959.

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1761-1771 Malvine Av, in Chavez ravine, home the Arechiga family. After receiving the eviction note from the city council, the family refuses to move out. The house is everything they own. As the days went by, they were still there, fighting to defend their home. In this picture, units of LADP inform to mrs Arechiga about the situation: if they don't leave voluntarily the building, they will be thrown out from their home by using force.
Photo date: May 1959.

Here's another historical picture to show the infamy of evictions in Chavez Ravine:

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Forcible eviction, May 8, 1959.Los Angeles County Sheriffs forcibly evict Mrs. Aurora Vargas, 36, from her home at 1771 Malvina Avenue in Chavez Ravine. Media representatives record the event. The family put up a fight and reported they had only received a written eviction notice, causing criticism of the government's methods.

And another one:

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Movers remove belongings of the Vargas-Arechiga family at 1771 Malvina Avenue in Chavez Ravine

Until the most senseless absurd:

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A heroine from Chavez Ravine: May 8, 1959. Mrs Victoria Angustain fights to protect her baby from LAPD agents, which had the order to force her and their family to leave her home, while bulldozers were awaiting to start to work.

Despite protests and resistance of Chavez Ravine residents demolition of the entire neighborhood, the barrio, couldn't be avoided.

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The night of "Ocho de Mayo," a date that will live in infamy for Chavez Ravine folks (May 8, 1959). Friends sit around a warming fire with some of those who were evicted from their homes to make way for Dodger Stadium. Mrs. Augustain is sleeping on the cot.

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Evicted family in a tent. Photograph caption dated May 9, 1959 reads, "Victims of an eviction notice in Chavez Ravine build a tent on their property at 1771 Malvina Avenue. Left to right, Mrs. Victoria Angustain (standing outside the tent), Mrs. Manuel Arechiga and her son-in-law Mike Angustain holding Ira, 8 months, standing before the tent while their children, left to right, Ida Angustain, 7, and her sisters Rachel, 10, and Ivy, 5, bed down. More than 100 friends and relatives gave assistance with food and bedding. Other children in the photo are not identified."

Running out of time: May 8, 1959: Councilman Edward R. Roybal meets with the Arechiga family at Curtis Street and Malvina Avenue, where they camped out in their fight against being evicted from Chavez Ravine. Councilman Roybal offers a deal: 10.000 dolars for the vacant lot, a lot in wich there used to be the three Arechiga homes. Take it or leave it.

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Then desolation: this is day after, when bulldozers left the area:

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Para esto hemos luchado: just for nothing.


All pics are taken from LAPL archive and
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