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Repurposing of The Normandie

605 S. Normandie, sw corner of 6th

CNN story here:

Interestingly, just two short blocks to the west is the Woman's Christian Temperence Union, the history of which has been written of here before. That the organization still exists amazes me, no less than does the survival of its current headquarters, a great Craftsman house at 551 S. Kingsley:

Google Street View
The WCTU is the house to the right; I include a wider view here to show the house next door--now the
offices of a real-estate company--and the dome of the Wilshire Boulevard Temple in the distance at
Wilshire and Hobart. Perhaps Wilshire will always remain a narrow corridor of tall buildings and other
modern commercial structures, but it still surprises me that these houses, harking back to the brief
period of Wilshire as an upper-end residential district, remain only a block away.

Google Street View

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