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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
First--I'm confused by the picture below. In spite of the sign, this doesn't appear to be the same building as the one in your pic above, ethereal:

But as far as the building in your pic goes, here another shot of it--can't make out what the rooftop sign says, but Owl Drugs is there (also with a different sign):

That's indeed the Metropolitan Bldg -- Parkinson & Bergstrom, 1913 -- the seventh and eighth floors used to be the Public Library.

The pic at the very top is of the Metropolitan Theater, AKA Grauman's Metropolitan, later known as The Paramount -- William Lee Woolett, 1923-1963. NE corner Hill & 6th. Story goes, the demo company put in a bid to demo it, and went broke, because the structure was so well built...
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