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Cross your legs

Picture it: 1951. Joan--Jennings--Walter

Speaking of guns and groins--gs, you've reminded me of one of my favorite Hollywood stories: Walter Wanger shooting agent Jennings Lang in the nether regions after suspecting him of wooing Mrs. Wanger--a Lang client, and none other than Miss Joan Bennett. (I once worked with a great editor in NY who happened to be the youngest daughter of the Wangers. Naturally I never brought up the shooting--but she did have tales of a glamorous life in a Wallace Neff house in Holmby Hills, and of flying back and forth between LA and NY on TWA Super Constellations. No bragging--just True Tales of a Hollywood childhood. She was--and I assume still is--funny and down to earth, and she looked alot like Joan, too--very beautiful.) Details of the unmentioned-to-the-daughter incident here:
Joan at home in Holmby Hills. (More pics at link above.)

Lang recovering at Midway Hospital. (That's Mrs. Lang--not to be unkind, but one can sort of understand the
allurements of Miss Bennett.)

Mrs. Lang leaving the hospital after a visit, accompanied by Miss Jane Wyman.

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