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ethereal-- your shots remind me of the Canfield-Moreno house, at the top of Micheltorena Street in those pictures. It has an interesting history, in addition to being L.A. HCM #391 and where Antonio Moreno and his wife Daisy Canfield moved after selling their Sycamore Avenue house to the Masquers. You can Google it--lots of info--and it's been used in various movies and tv shows. (I went through it once with a NY friend who knew a film person. At any moment I expected to hear a voice call out, "You there! Why are you so late? Why have you kept me waiting so long?" The atmospherics, architecture, and gardens made it seem as though it could easily have been used to film Sunset Boulevard.) I remember the huge basement kitchen as being original, as the rest of the house seemed to be. Anyway, what I didn't know was that, according to, Moreno developed the area.

A few more shots:

At the top of the hill above is the Canfield-Moreno house below:


Whoever said Chester Place shunned Hollywood? Estelle, Antonio, Ed, and Daisy: the Dohenys
and the Morenos.
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