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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
i apologize in advance for making everyone have to scroll on this photo, due to it's size, however, this is definitely an image that needs to be seen full size to truly appreciate.

it is a screen capture from the 1921 harold lloyd thrill comedy, Never Weaken

apparently some hopped up developer is building a large steel framed skyscraper on top of the hill street tunnel, (wonder how they worked the piling's around the hollywood
in and out-bound P&E tracks??!!??).

I just realized that the building behind harrold lloyd is not the cecil, st. mark, gladden....(whatever), that i first identified it as,'s actually a building on olive court
next to the moorecliff with a nifty rear exit on to hill street

the building down hill street with the union league sign on the side is the hotel belmont, (the old ywca) just north of third. the mission hotel can be clearly seen
at the intersection of 2nd and olive.

the railings of the roof terrace of the nelson building, (third and clay), is visible, as is the cupola bell tower of the astoria just north of third on olive.

lloyd was working with the hal roach studios at this time, so they wouldn't have had to travel very far for this location shot, as the studio was located almost from
the vantage point of the photographer, in the bradbury mansion at hill and court street .


I trust I don't have to tell YOU how insanely great that is! Like so many large-formats, you just get lost in 'em...

The one you talk about that you thought might've been the C/SM/G is a single-family dwelling at 109 S Hill, ca. 1890, that fronted on Hill. Some time prior to 1906 it had that whole back part added on (that stretched onto Olive Court) and became known as the El Moro Hotel. The Cecil/St. Mark was back and to the right of the El Moro.

...the big building under Harold's armpit (at the fold of his jacket) is the 1910 Hotel Northern, btw.

Too cool. Never Weaken also has a swell 3rd & Grand Angels Flight pharmacy gag in it as well!

I read here two films (Just Nuts, Haunted Spooks) were filmed inside the Bradbury. Could this be true? Haven't seen either.
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