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Lakeside Plan

this talk had me doing a little thinking about how to plan out lakeside, so I spent a few minutes and drew it up

Obviously this plan may not be feasible financial or politically, but here are the assumptions i am making.

1. the landowners would be willing to participate in a land sale/swap
2. walmart probably gets going first and then once that sales tax starts rolling in perhaps is when you see the infrastructure for the rest of the build out
3. the train around the lake still works or could be made to work

Here is the plan

So the basic plan divides the site at Eaton street which becomes the "main street of the district." West of Eaton is Walmart, parking, fastfood, stripmall retail etc. East of Eaton is residential. At the end of Eaton st along the border of the lake a new entertainment district is built. In keeping with the character of lakeside this would have a classic NJ boardwalk kinda feel(hopefully not as rundown of course). The train around the lake would provide shuttle access from the amusement park to the new boardwalk, as well as parking.

The large park retains some of the old track(maybe just the bowl, i doubt much else is salvageable. The park in the middle of Eaton st would be the town square, with a municipal building set back from the street to make the open space.

To make the boardwalk popular perhaps the liquor laws in lakeside could be relaxed to serve alcohol until 4am, not sure if this is set by municipalities or the state, just thinking out loud.

Again, just a few minutes of thought I'm sure this is fraught with problems. I think I have drawn the streets too narrow(and the alleys to wide?) the only thing that I really tried to make accurate is the size of the Walmart(approx 220,000 sq ft) and there is probably not enough parking. On the other hand, this pretty much encompasses the entire entity of lakeside so there is no precidents to set parking and other limitations, they could pretty much change any rules they wanted to get something like this to work. And anyways the tax income has got to be a million times greater than what they are pulling in now, so why the hell not.