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Beaudry-- That was one of my favorite posts yet. I might add to your list of thin towels, smell of disinfectant etc, those gas wall heaters with ceramic crosshatched burners.... and of course I couldn't resist driving around town via Google Street View. It turns out that the La Brea Towers does still stand--note the window pattern and roofline of the Summit Motel at the same address. It still has its tower although it's now a billboard rather than a derrick. (I love the idea that someone might have imagined a glamorous highrise before arriving at the the La Brea Towers Hotel....)

Summit Motel nee La Brea Towers Hotel, 5005 S. La Brea

The Paradise is still The Paradise. And it even has a great "new" sign:

Don't you hope Paradise is like this? 1116 Sunset

The Sun Motel seems to have been replaced, building and all, by an America's Best Value Inn. But the house to its left remains:

5265 Sunset

The Vine Lodge--same name, same place:

1818 N. Vine

The Nity-Nite (my favorite name) is now the Copacabana Inn. And it's still eminently respectable--weekly specials are available, but there is no mention here of hourly rates.

5316 S. Figueroa

And the Tick-Tock--another great name (even if a little odd and perhaps suggestive). As you say, it's still there with the silo above. It doesn't seem to be receiving guests any longer, however.

1444 S. Atlantic Blvd., East Los Angeles

All photos via Google Street View
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