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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
the best that i can figure, this building is the old st. mark apartment that was on the se corner of olive and 1st. I can't find a photo of the building's olive street entrance, (which is the entrance shown above), but here is a 1952 image of the 1st street elevation


of course i could be wrong......................
Do you mean the SW corner? Because that's this bldg, and I'm interested to know how you came across the St. Mark name -- I've always called it either the Cecil or by its later name The Gladden. Anyway, I can definitely say yes, it's this building, because I've got a full-frontal image of it clearly at this corner just before demolition (unfortunately, a photo of an unpublished slide I don't own so can't post it here).

However, I am happy to say that this movie star of a building is in more than just Brasher Doubloon (post #1930). Having done a bunch of shot examinations of The Turning Point back on pp. 69-70, here's another one:

Ed Begley walks into the Hotel Gladden, 102 S Olive:

Here's William Holden checking out the scene:

But where's he checking out the scene FROM? Good question! Kitty-corner, there was a market in the apartment building at 501 W 1st/103 N Olive. It's obscured a bit by this mother and daughter --

Hylen, Cal State Lib,

...and of course one thing leads to another... here's that market in better detail, October 09, 1951. Oh, still partially obscured...
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