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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
A wonderful building with an Auburn-Cord showroom at 3443 Wilshire, pre Equitable Bldg.


Can you imagine spending the extra money to build that exquisite tower.
I believe it is purely ornamental (with it's arrow slit windows and small floor space).
Well, ethereal, the tower actually belongs to the Wilshire Chrisitian Church next door at the corner of Normandie. Although sometime after your shot the Cord building did acquire a tower--two in fact. The building was owned by E.L. Cord, who not only built the cars sold in the dealership (Fuller Auburn-Cord), but the radio station elsewhere in the building, KFAC ("Kall Fuller Auburn Cord"). (I was sure there were posts here about it, but a quick search didn't bring any up.)

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