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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Here is another view of the general area around the Richfield Building.

You can see Rex Arms in the distance, along with the Statler Hilton and the Gates Hotel.
To the extreme right you can see an edge of the Richfield Building.


I love the building in the lower left corner. Wouldn't it be great to have your office or studio in that room on top.
Does anyone know the name of this building?
Hurrah for The Snow! AKA The Southland. I've always had a thing for this part of the world, this building especially. (This is going to be really dull. Go get a sandwich or something and come back when it's done.)

The Snow is opened by Frank C. Finkle in December 1910.

The architect is H. M. Patterson, best known for his churches, especially Immanuel Presbyterian (that imposing Gothic structure at Wilshire and Berendo ) and

Looking across Central Park and Pacific Mutual Life, the distinctive roof of the Snow can be seen upper/left/middle:


(my collection)

In 1913 Frank C. Finkle decided to erect a fourteen-story skyscraper wrapping around his Hotel Snow.

Take that Lee Hotel and the Gates!

But it was not to be.

While Finkle was the builder and owner, it was Seward Snow who ran the show. Until March of 1913:

The hostelry changes hands in 1915. Sometime soon after, I'd wager, it becomes the Southland.

(my collection)

Then it gets a cool new neighbor, which is I believe how we got on this subject in the first place...

And it continues like that for many a year...until...


March 2, 1971:

And thus:

Mmm. Beige. Doesn't even rate a mention on you-are-here.

Here's a then-and-now by the great William Reagh -- 1969 and 1986:
Sigh. Thus I'll end with a map, which is much more fun.

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