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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Here are a series photographs from 1952 of a crane lifting something onto the Ritchfield Building.

I find them interesting. You get a glimpse of the surrounding area as well.

I'm going to say USC Digital Archive, but I'm not certain.

below: I would love to see inside Oscar's Cafe (I can smell the hamburgers and onions).


below: The Traveler's Hotel, another cafe, Hotel Cl.....something, The Jonathan Club, and the Hotel Victor in the distance


I found these, and yes, they're in USC, and according to the caption, they're hoisting a giant table. What? Am I to assume that some oil executive ordered a table so gargantuan it had to be lifted up into his office with a giant crane? Ok, that's pretty great.

What I think's really amazing about these shots is the demolition of the West side of the Richfield. These are from '52 and the early '53 remodel contained a four-story annex. I've always found this building intriguing because it was so out of place wedged up next to the Rich. Moreover I've never come across any information about it, least of all who the architect was.

both, 1955, USC Digital Archives,

And the west side of the Richfield is the odd side that no-one ever really sees or considers. Its great open backside. Ok, we know all about it. But it's certainly not the postcard image. From the Historic American Building Survey -- Marvin Rand shot a ton of images in 1968 --

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