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they may not be noirish, but man does not live by noir alone....sometimes ya need a couple of n'yuck n'yuck n'yuck's and a few whooo whooo whooo whooo's in your life

some then and now images of screen shots from the 1936 three stooges short "False Alarms".

The fire house, (engine Co. 61), where moe, larry and curly work as firemen is located on Larchmont Boulevard just South of melrose Avenue in Hollywood.

Moe Larry and Curly clean fire hoses outside the fire house looking north on larchmont towards melrose

Curly retrieves a run-a-way hose from the east side of larchmont

Curly almost gets done in by a southbound speeding vehicle and a northbound third street railroad trolley car

at the end of the short, moe larry and curly run away in a bekins moving van containing the demolished, on fire, smokey remains of the fire chiefs new car, heading south on la brea avenue from the chief and the rest of the engine company who are in hot pursuit. the view is looking south on la brea towards wilshire across 6th street

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