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175 W Washington

National Museum of Health + Medicine - Chicago satellite location
Smith + Gill

They are currently trying to raise $5 million with an additional $40 million needed to complete the museum by 2014. You can find more information about what the museum will include here.

AS+GG envisions a new kind of museum that is itself a living organism: both metaphorically in
keeping with the museum’s theme + content, and literally, as the high performance building
will actually generate its own sustainable energy. As visitors engage with interactive exhibits
throughout the museum, they will be able to individually generate energy that will power the
building--mirroring the activities of nutrients within the human body.

These developing energy technologies--such as a heel-strike system which harvests force
produced by foot traffic-- will be visually represented on both interior surfaces and the building
envelope, showing visitors the “real-time” display of their energy generation. When the museum is
lightly populated it will exude a quiet energy; at peak times it will visibly flicker and pulse from the
physical presence of its occupants.

The building’s facade will also incorporate a new high-tech “wrapper” that projects imagery
relating to the museum and its programming. This dynamic exterior will intrigue visitors and
engage in an architectural dialogue with the Pritzker Pavilion bandshell to the east on Washington Street.

The foundation of NMH+MC’s green agenda is the adaptive re-use of the original building, a key
principle of sustainable construction. The Washington Street façade, which will be visible through
the translucent wrapper, will be refreshed by replacing missing portions and extending around to
the east side, which is not currently exposed to public view.

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