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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Thank God sopas_ej tried to figure this transit enigma out, because I didn't have a clue.

Can anyone make out the name on the white streamline building?
The lettering looks interesting; but I can't make it out.

Pacific Electric Railway Historical Society
1815 Venice Boulevard

The lettering spells GILFILLAN. Gilfillan Brothers was--or rather is--a radio manufacturer that produced units under its own name and for other nameplates such as Packard-Bell. Gilfillan was the licensee to build sets for RCA that were sold in 11 western states until 1940. According to the Radiomuseum website, Gilfillan was selected in 1942 to produce the first Ground Control Approach (GCA) radar. Its systems were used during WWII and were instrumental in the success of the Berlin Airlift. Gilfillan became a division of ITT in 1964 and, according to a recent company profile, is "the number-one supplier of military air traffic control systems worldwide."
A noir-era Gilfillan radio.
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