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Originally Posted by JeffDiego View Post
However, my memory of full-view shots of the house in Castle's 13 Ghosts are that is was not the Waters home.
I took a look at 13 Ghosts--a movie that, while fun, almost makes The Curse of the Cat People look in league with The Battleship Potemkin, I have to say--and it turns out that Dr. Plato Zorba's house is indeed the Waters (and, later, Julia Farren) house at 900 West Adams. Straight from the DVD:

Columbia Pictures/Sony
900 West Adams's last starring role, 1960

Columbia Pictures/Sony
A view from the porch of 900 toward the arbor--note the decay at the base of the column. Is
it set decoration? Anyway, the end is nigh.

Columbia Pictures/Sony
A view from the arbor.

Columbia Pictures/Sony
Margaret Hamilton as Elaine Zacharides in front of Dr. Zorba's portrait. (No, not Dr. Kildare's Dr. Zorba.)

Columbia Pictures/Sony
A precursor of Christopher Moltisanti's breakout film, as well as Miss DeCamp's star turn. 13 Ghosts
is one of those old movies enjoyable for its primitive special effects, such as milk bottles and cleavers flying
through the air on thin wires.

Columbia Pictures/Sony

Columbia Pictures/Sony
The County Museum in Exposition Park, before its move to the Miracle Mile.
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