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"Close-up view of a the back of a flashing stop sign powered by a one-year battery. It is manufactured by Pacific Signal Co."--per LAPL photo notes. A one-year battery back then must have been revolutionary. I wonder how long the battery actually lasted? Interesting precursor, however, to today's self-contained devices along the road--solar-powered ones. (In northern climes with less sun such as in Scotland, some signs are even lit by tiny windmill generators.)


Ethereal--here's another stop sign with a striped pole-- the sign obviously bigger than the little one you showed us. Now that I look at it and see the flasher, I think this must be the front of the battery sign above. Btw I've noticed here in the East that pole-painting is being revived--highway departments have taken to applying red reflector tape on stop-sign poles from sign to ground, and yellow tape on yellow signs.
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