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you are absolutely right GW about it being western and sunset, and not washington.

i didn't notice the sign saying fox studios until you pointed it out. here's an aerial of the fox studios, (before merging with 20th century), at the intersection of western and sunset


the 1st image i posted was captioned on the USC site as being western and washington. i got all excited, as there was a clump of trees, that would be on the correct side of the road, that if it was a view looking south from washington, would have been about the spot of the elusive berkeley square.........

i have noticed over the years errors on all the photo archive sites with regards to location, (and dates), but usually it's on an image of a area i was familiar with and looking for, so it doesn't really bother me, as i recognize the mistake. since i'm only mildly familiar with berkeley square, (and only through your postings actually), i just didn't know the difference. If USC say's it's western and washington, i then only assumed that the grouping of trees on the west side of the street was berkeley square.

the search continues.............................
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