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Originally Posted by MolsonExport View Post
Treasure Island? (I recall a place on the Gulf coast of Florida that goes by that name). London Gardens? I am not familiar with those places. Thrall me with tales of their decrepitude.
For those not familiar - Back in the 1960s Treasure Island Mall was built on Wellington Road just south of Highway 401. The London Gardens, of course, was where the London Knights played until the JLC was built, although the place was better known as the London Ice House in later years. The main anchor for years was a Loblaws Superstore, which was later replaced by Zehr's. Zehr's moved out in 1996 when a new Loblaws opened on Southdale Road, and that space has been a Liquidation World ever since. Part of the London Gardens became United Furniture Warehouse at some point as well, and I think that's still there. During the 1990s the mall also included Discovery Zone (DZ, where kids wanna be!) and McDonald's. The mall has been known as the Superstore Mall since the 1980s.

I've only been inside the mall once, in 2005. The interior section wasn't big to begin with, no bigger than London Mall or the former Wonderland Mall.

Wonderland Mall itself was another dead mall story. Long story short, it was built in 1979, originally with Dominion as an anchor. The mall, at that time located outside London in Westminster Township (literally in the middle of nowhere at that time), had aspirations of expanding to about four times of its original size, but the expansion plans never materialized, especially once Westmount Mall expanded in the late 80s. Dominion exited sometime in the 80s and was replaced by Sears Outlet Store, which itself moved to London Mall in 1998 after K-Mart pulled out. The irony with Wonderland Mall is that it eventually evolved into a power centre within 11 years of London annexing Westminster, effectively killing Westmount - the very mall that stunted Wonderland Mall's growth.

The original Wonderland Mall building was extensively renovated and now houses The Athletic Club, Adventures on Wonderland (a kids play place), and Angelo's Bakery.

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