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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

What a great photograph of your mom Scott.

I was studying the cabins in your photo to see if it was the same court...
and then I realized Silverlake Court is actually written on the border of your pic. I was like, WOW, it is the same place! How cool is that?

Glad you liked the pic, ethereal! I was hopeful but still skeptical when I first saw the auto court aerial, but I now think that it IS the actual place when Mom was photographed with her first car. On the right-hand side near the entrance are cabins where the two windows are on either side of the door (like in Mom's picture), and also near the entrance is a tall cypress/pine tree (note the boughs of a conifer visible in the upper right of Mom's pic). Also in the upper right can be seen the top of a power pole. If you look at the line of power poles on Glendale Blvd in the aerial shot, the one just out of sight on the right is right about where the one in Mom's picture would be. So based on all this, I think the red arrow best indicates the point of view of the photographer.

I think Mom's picture was taken several years later than the aerial, though; maybe as much as a decade later. All of the vehicles in the aerial are definitely vintage twenties or earlier, not the mid-thirties as was Mother's car.

Quite amazing! If I may ask, how did you find the auto court image on the USC site? I've tried every search combination I can think of, but I've had no luck finding that particular photo there thus far.


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