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A Germain Seed & Plant Company commemorative map. (See bottom for link to a larger version.)

The name "Germain" on the map you posted below caught my eye, gs (corner Los Angeles and 4th). For years I've been using
yellow-and-red cardboard reels of green twist-ties in the garden, and noticed that the manufacturer was the "Germain Seed &
Plant Company, Los Angeles, Calif." Apparently the company dates from 1871, and its founder and his family built a number of
downtown buildings. According to "Los Angeles from the Mountains to the Sea" by John McGroarty (an old book available
for online reading, and an excellent resource), these included the Germain Block on Los Angeles Street at Requena (which
became Market Street and which I can't find in my Thomas's or on Google, so I assume it's now under a freeway), the Germain
Hotel at Hope and 10th, and one at the northwest corner of Los Angeles and 4th, the one on gs's map. I haven't found a shot
of that one, but below are a couple of other Germain properties.

Main north between 3rd and 4th--Germain's at left

Spring north from below 3rd

For a larger version of the top map:

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