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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
wow Beaudry! thank you for the full story behind that scene from TTP. i had always asumed that the building he came out of, (the one with the room for rent sign), was the clayton, as it was next door to the central. Great catch on seeing the Belmont!....(cinematic directorial license extreme indeed!).

so not only is this a a mob crime noir yarn that takes place in a small mid-west hay seed town, (that just happens to resemble downtown LA in it's noir-ity finest), it is also the very first time in history, that someone pointed a camera looking south on clay, north of 3rd street, and figured out a way not to include angels flight in the shot!

obviously this was done so that theater goers wouldn't know that this mid-west small town, was in fact Los Angeles. What on earth would a funicular be doing in a plains setting? Once they show angels flight, well then everyone would know that this was actually not a small mid-west town in the hill-less plains.......................................................

(never mind..........nothing to see here......move along............)
I know! And of the myriad of mid-west small town anomalies, they're going after a racketeer named Eichelberger? Last time I checked, there just weren't that many, you know, Eichelbergers on the plains...especially in 1952.

So among the greatness of The Turning Point is the shootout on Bunker Hill. The scene starts atop the Second St. tunnel, at that concrete railing that's now so sadly gone...

My DVD is made from a third-generation VHS, evidently. What I wouldn't give to see this on the big screen on a newly-struck print.

What I find amusing about this is that they made and effort to keep LA City Hall out of the frame...I mean, I'm pretty sure the People of Peoria would recognize THAT...


That's the Fashion League Bldg at the corner of 2nd and Hill in both pix. It came down (as would the whole block bounded by First, Broadway, Second and Hill) in 56-7 so that the State Bldg could go up in 59-60. Which has since become an empty pit in the last few years. Anyway.

I won't go into the whole plot thing, about how the cop-dad of the prosecutor is the dirty-cop in bed with the bad guys, or why he's about to be shot, or why the guy who shoots him gets his: see the picture! So this is about fetishistic slavering o'er the locations --

Walking up Second from atop the tunnel:

Hey, that's the Argyle

cal state library

...where the cop goes into the laundry and gets shot and all sorts of bad things happen...'s a capture of across the street...

...which is the Claridge Hotel, just above the Northern.

(Uh, in the image below, the Argyle and friends have been demolished. Ignore that.)

A bad guy jumps on the getaway truck, SE corner of Second and Olive. Therefore, over his shoulder, NW corner? The Mission.

BLAM! Gettin' shot outside the Rio Grande at 425 W. 2nd. Ouch.

both, cal state lib

And just to be egregious about it:

To see it in all its glory (I know we've seen this before, but, you know), go here.
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