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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
there is a scene in the move "The Turning Point" with William Holden, and Alexis Smith, (and everybody's favorite cuckold patsy Ralph Bellamy), where William Holden, and a witness who he is interviewing get chased out the back door of a restaurant on Hill Street by hoodlums. They elude their prey by running up the circular fire escape of the Hotel Central, which is located on clay street between 3rd street and 4th street.

California State Library

After reaching the top flight of the fire escape, William Holden then runs down a corridor, and exits out the front door of the Clayton Apartments on to Clay Street which is next door to the Hotel Central.

California State Library

were these two buildings internally connected to each other, or was this just another hollywood cinematic directorial license?
Took me a little while to dig out TTP, but I did, and zounds, for a movie set in the Midwest, it sure has a high LA quotient. Especially lots of Bunker Hill. But I especially liked figuring out the, as you put it, cinematic directorial license, because it's extreeeeeme...

So, first thing he does is run out the back door of the restaurant and up the back fire escape. Which right there makes no earthly sense, since the Hotel Central fire escape went down to into a parking lot, away from any nearby buildings.

Cal State Library

But he goes up the fire escape anyway --

-- and goes through a door...then he's here

...goes down the hall...

...turns the corner...

...and he's on Clay St. Which makes perfect sense, since he's just run up the Hotel Central fire escape from Hill, ran through the Hotel, and -- hey, what's that?

He's gone through a portal in space! Because, of course, the Hotel Central is at 310 Clay, and the and the Belmont is at 251 Hill -- -- so, to be on this side of the Belmont, means he just stepped out of none other than the Vendome at 231 Hill, which stretched from Hill back to Clay.

Cal State Library

Our three players:

Vendome in yellow, right; Belmont (this map being 1922, it's the Union League) in beige; Hotel Central in pink, left.

Good times!

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