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Now, this page says they shot in the Sunshine Apartments. Hell, Wikipedia says they shot in the Sunshine Apartments. But you heard it hear first, folks: they didn't.

And I'm about to tell you why. Now, not that they didn't shoot at the Sunshine Apartments. To wit:

So the bad guys arrive on Bunker Hill. Trudge trudge trudge.

This is without doubt the Sunshine. There's the McCoy House below. The whole bit.

(California State Archives)

But the first thing they do is go to see Finchley (Alan Napier -- while he was camping it up as Batman's butler, Yvonne De Carlo was Lily Munster, that is, fifteen years later -- hmm) and Finchley lives in the Astoria. That's my guess -- check out the angle.

I think he's in the Astoria looking back at the Belmont with the Hillcrest or Sunshine on the right (above) --

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