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the last stand of hope and 4th

during my research of images, stumbled upon this one dated 1968 which has piqued my curiosity


The image is looking south from just north of third street from what appears to be what was once cinnabar street.

the caption reads

"A view of Bunker Hill showing a lone, rather modern house on top surrounded by evidence of grading. Tall office buildings are seen in the background. Photographer's note: The house on the top of the hill was (according to scuttlebutt at the time) owned by a lawyer; it was quite new and he didn't want to move. He stalled for two years and they had to build a road so he could have access."

the house is visible in these aerials. the 1st is from 1965 and looks down at the intersection of 5th and flower. The house is visible in the upper right.


in this aerial view of the Union Bank Building from 1968, you can see the house just to the right of the Union Bank, (the castle and the salt box are also visible on soon to be cleansed bunker hill avenue)

USC Digital Archives.

The house is located on the lot directly to the north of where the Hildreth mansion once stood.

The only information i have found so far on the house is this following 1954 image.


the caption reads as follows;

"Exterior view of the modern home of Stuart K. Oliver on Bunker Hill. It stands next to the site of Dr. Edward Hildreth's old residence that was a 'House of Sorrow'. Photo dated: December 7, 1954. "

I am very intrigued as this seems to have been the only new residence that had been constructed on Bunker Hill for at least 30 or so years. I'm assuming that Mr. Oliver was the attorney mentioned in the 1st image. If so, then just as the CRA was gearing up to eliminate this "blighted area from District 9's tax rolls, interest to live in bunker hill, by individuals who had the means to live anywhere they wanted, apparently was just beginning to stir, and people were just beginning to rediscover this old neighborhood..............................sigh

does anyone have any additional information on the Stuart K. Oliver Residence?

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