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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post

I like those photos of downtown LA, ethereal. I was just there today. Yesterday, in my search for old photos of the Engstrum Hotel, I stumbled upon other photos that made me stare at them all night last night... I'm now fascinated by the area around the Los Angeles Central Library. Apparently that area used to be a lot more hilly than it is now.

Amazing stuff. I've also always liked that area and how 5th split to run up Hope. And the Engstrum! It's always been a favorite of mine as well, I think because it hung on so long. I'm gonna throw some more Engstrum out there:

Here's a couple from my personal collection.

1919. Looking south at the tower of the State Normal School, and the Bible Institue (AKA Church of the Open Door) behind. To the left is the Knickerbocker Building which still stands, sort of, down at Olive near 7th.

This one I love. That's one happy guy. I especially like that it's taken from the back of the Engstrum, which makes it an even more unusual image. Over his shoulder is the Briggs at 407 S Hope; behind the Briggs is the Hildreth.

Here's some stuff about the Engstrum that I think makes fascinating reading. The idea that we could have one remaining Bunker Hill hotel enchants me. Especially since it was apparently in good hands.

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